2019 Brief:

Partner: DDB Sydney

DDB and their client, McDonald’s, presented the 2019 McCapstone Challenge to future-proof the brand and business. They asked teams to develop a strategy that would show young consumers how, at McDonald’s, convenience and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Brief Objectives

  • Cement McDonald’s as a preferred fast-food destination by improving the brand’s love and trust scores
  • Have Aussies choose McDonald’s without hesitation because it’s a feel good choice
  • Change the idea that convenience is a road-block to sustainability and eco-friendliness

Winning Pitch

The winning pitch from The University of Queensland presented their big idea to ‘Go Green and Gold’, with the campaign tagline, “Small Changes. Big Difference. Still the Same Maccas”.
They created a celebration of Aussie pride by combining the uniquely Australian McDonald’s experiences with a detailed plan for waste reduction and sustainability education.

Winning Team 

Team Name Muler
Student Names Delaney Lang-Lemckert, Stephanie Mathers, Zoe Edwards, Jiruo Wang, and Lukas Russell
University The University of Queensland